The campaign will operate broadly on three levels – Policy and individual cases. In terms of individual cases, it will support the survivors/ victims/ sufferers of caste Atrocities in their efforts to strive for justice. This includes support at every case stage, even with non-registered cases with appropriate authority, including those registered.

  1. Cases follow-up:
    • Fact-finding
    • Case – History and Profiling
    • Legal aid
    • Psycho-Social Support
    • Support at every stage of the case, including case registration at the concerned police station, investigation, trial and even post-trial stage.
  2. Maintaining case records at the state level and sharing the data with affiliated organisations, networks, and relevant government agencies to facilitate better monitoring of the Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989.
  3. Analysing the data related to PoA.
  4. Follow-up of monitoring mechanisms initiated by legislation
  5. Study circles on various topics related to the Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989
  6. Coordination with government agencies to bring in the required changes at the individual – case to case
  7. Conducting Training and Capacity Building programs for activists and human rights defenders working on cases of caste atrocity cases.

Currently, the Campaign is fully active in the State of Maharashtra and has started working in other states, including Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.