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Adv. Sable with victims
Adv. Pratibha Shakya presenting a book written by her
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CARVA Team led by Mr. Gawale, Maharashtra State Director, along with Mr. Bhanu Baudh, Director, Manuski
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CARVA Rajasthan team with Adv. Ambdas Bansode, Mr. Kardam and others at Rajasthan
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CARVA Team in Rajasthan with Honorable Tulsi Das Raj of Rajasthan
Adv. Sable and other activists
Adv. Akash Sable of CARVA with other activists and victims
Adv. Ambadas Bansode of CARVA facilitating a training on Prevention of Atrocities Act
Parcipants attending training on Prevention of Atrocities Act conducted by CARVA
Adv. Ambadas Bansode of CARVA being falicitated by other activists and advocates
Adv. Pratibha
Adv. Pratibha Shakya, Adv. Ravindara Wankhede Presenting a book to Ms. Salave of Manuski, Pune
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CARVA is a campaign initiated by individuals and groups committed to the cause of social justice and human rights. Carva started in 2020, after individuals and like-minded groups came together to protect the rights and advocate for injustice faced by structurally and historically marginalised and oppressed sections of the society


CARVA strives to bring together the voices of the survivors of caste atrocities and those supporting them to achieve justice. It envisages an atrocity-free society and contributes to the social movement to annihilate caste.

Strengthening the provisions and implementation of The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 by protecting and Promoting the Rights of survivors and victims of caste atrocity to contribute to the movement for the annihilation of caste.

Annihilation of Caste


The campaign is initiated by various organisations and individuals working for Prevention of Caste based Atrocities. Voices for Peace – a registered origination has extended the support for Secretariat. The Campaign is crowd-funded. In addition to the initiators, other organisations, groups and individuals are supporting the campaign in terms of resources.

शासकीय पत्रामुळे संभ्रम - ऍट्रॉसिटी कायद्या अनुसार नोंद केसेस मध्ये तपास अधिकारी कोण? Atrocity Act

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