CARVA is a campaign initiated by individuals and groups committed to the cause of social justice and human rights. Carva started in 2020, after individuals and like-minded groups came together to protect the rights and advocate for injustice faced by structurally and historically marginalised and oppressed sections of the society. Carva believes that annihilation of caste is the fundamental requirement of a just and free society and that a country governed by Indian Constitution should have zero tolerance for caste related violence on the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Although, the law provides for protective measures, there’s need for strengthening the implementation and timely addressal of gaps in both the law and its implementation.

CARVA strives to bring together voices of the survivors and those working with them committed to ensure an atrocity-free society which would simultaneously contribute to the movement for annihilation of caste.

Strengthening the provisions and implementation of The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 by protecting and Promoting Rights of survivors and victims of caste atrocity to contribute in movement for annihilation of caste.

Annihilation of Caste by promoting justice and equity.

Broad Objectives:

  1. To strive for prevention of atrocities by facilitating implementation of PoA.
  2. To strengthen and empower the victims of atrocities to enable them to access justice.
  3. To identify and suggest changes in law to make it more effective in preventing caste atrocities.
  4. To study the policy gaps, both in the law and challenges in execution of these policies to advocate for correctional policies
  5. To empower victims to be an active agents and leaders of change rather than being a passive beneficiary of government policies.


  1. In three years, to raise the conviction rate substantially.
  2. To ensure there’s an  increase in the rate of distribution of compensation amount to the victims of atrocity every year
  3. To bring out publications for creating awareness on Prevention of Atrocities Act in terms of newsletters, reports and books or audio-visual medium every year contributing to better the implementation of statute.
  4. Ensure an annual policy briefs which addresses key issues pertainig to policy gaps in implementation of the Act.
  5. Build a team of Defenders, including advocates to support victims of atrocity in each district of State of Maharashtra.