At state level:

The State General Director would be leading of the Campaign and is responsible for its success

State Directorial Board or State Board of Directors will overlook day to day functioning in the state and will take appropriate measures to achieve the objectives at state level.

State General Director, State General Secretary and Chief Advisor, each being head of 3 interdependent organs of the Campaign, hold prime positions as authorities to make appropriate decisions on critical matters.

The State Convenors are not part of the decision making body. However they are similar to executives executing the decisions of the Board of Directors and other respective organs. Team of convenors is administrative functionary.

The Secretariat to the network is currently extended by Voices for Peace, a registered non-government organisation.

The Organs at State Level:

  1. Decision Making

The State Board of Directors

The State Secretariat

The Advisory Board

  1. Functioning:

State Convenors


Regional Level:

One Regional Head (also the Assitant Director) will lead campaign at regional level along with Regional Body consisting of following organs.

Organs at Regional Level:

Regional Directorial Board / Board of Directors (With State Director as Chairperson and Regional Heads as members)

Reginal Secretariat:

Regional Secretary and Assitant Secretary



District Levels:

District President will lead the District and appoint the block officers at each block.

Organs of District Level:

District President

District Secretary